2nd Robotics & Intelligent Systems Festival of the Municipality of Kalamata

Saturday 13th of May 2023

The city of Kalamata has consistently displayed outstanding performance in robotics competitions, participation in competitions of experimental devices, and the organization of events related to new technologies, while missions have been completed and successful experiments have been conducted.

This shows that students in our city have the motivation, the capacity, and the aptitude to accomplish much more in the fields of robotics, intelligent systems, and emerging technologies. They have a thirst for knowledge and research, but they also want to experiment with new robotics applications.

The Municipality of Kalamata consistently supports the student body by exerting all reasonable efforts, ensuring, and allocating sizeable amounts of its own resources, not only for the upkeep of educational facilities but also for ongoing improvements to the teaching and learning process.

The 1st Festival of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, which concluded on Saturday, July 2, 2022, with its final phase in which 250 students and teachers participated, divided into 24 groups, and which had enormous benefits to the participants, was organized in this context and to “bring” to the young people of our city the new technologies, the innovative actions that can help in various areas, such as climate change, the effects of which we have started to experience every day.

It is important to note that the Municipality of Kalamata received the GOLD AWARD for this initiative in the largest competition for local governments, the “Best City Awards”, which is a result of the excellent cooperation with the sector of teachers from all disciplines.

The 2nd Festival of Robotics & Intelligent Systems will be held on May 12–13, 2023, by the Municipality of Kalamata as part of a double action motivated by the success of the aforementioned event, the joy of the participants, and also as a continuation of its planning.

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