Mobility & Transport

George Papaioannou

George Papaioannou is a researcher at the University of the Aegean and a traffic engineer. He has postgraduate degrees in Transport Engineering (AUTH, 2018), Maritime Transport Management, and a Diploma in Civil Engineering (2017, PTH) (Universiteit Antwerpen, 2019). His current areas of interest include innovative mobility services (MaaS), sustainable transport system design, and forecasting transport demand, with a particular emphasis on passenger maritime transport. He has presented at numerous workshops, has a consistent presence at prestigious international scientific conferences (such as TRB, IATBR, TRA, IAME, WCTRS, CSUM, and ICTR), and has published papers in peer-reviewed journals. He belongs to a number of Greek and international scientific associations (TEE, SPME, IAME, FES, etc.), and he has been a member of the Greek Association of Transport Engineers’ Marine Transport Committee since 2020. (FES). His native tongue is Greek, and he also speaks English.

Sustainable Passenger Water Transport in the Greek Islands: Demand Forecasting and Innovative Transport Services.

gpapaioannou [at] aegean.gr